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About This Grudge Folks Hold Against Michael Vick...

There’s a petition asking that Michael Vick be banned from the Jets practice field. We know that what he did was TERRIBLE but didn’t he do his time? It’s gon be 2050 and some white folk are STILL gon be mad at him. “Remember when he fought and killed them dogs?”

There are genocides (of humans) going on in the world AS WE SPEAK that folks aren’t bothered about but y’all wanna still be mad about these dogs. There are athletes in the NFL who have raped women and they’re still HUT HUTTING in peace. THIS is the battle you wanna fight, though? Oh ok. (-___-)

He’s served time, paid fines and did community service. Folks must want him to time travel to the past and delete what he did because anything short of that seems to be unforgivable. 

About This Grudge Folks Hold Against Michael Vick…

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Whose Uncle’s Unibraid is This?

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Bad Boys (1995)

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“Malcolm [X] was one of the most beautiful and one of the most gentle men I met in all my life. He asked the boy a question which I now present to you: If you are a citizen, why do you have to fight for your civil rights? If you’re fighting for your civil rights, that means you’re not a citizen. In fact, the legality of this country has never had anything to do with its former slaves. We are still governed by the slave codes.”
—  James Baldwin on Malcolm X, 1979.



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My new favorite tumblr. 

My UNCF Evening of Stars #alphet.

Introducing My Latest Site: Awesomely Techie!

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