Crazy ass email he sent me at midnight.

Subject: TRUST ME! YOU DO NOT WANT TO just open this and close WITHOUT READING <—-PART 2 of “DUMBEST TWEETS” (made sure your website was printed in colorful neon letters)

looks like the video (Pt 2) Leaked.on Worldstar Hip Hop and got it’s way to their site. on Saturday 1-7-2012 —-NOW! I know that YOU. and your followers have a negative presence.. but i would like to give the benefit of the doubt that you [at the least] would atleast give a publuc APOLOGY!!! (on twitter AND your blog) ..oh and I will be checking btw

you need to admit that your physical being was upset of the fact that your expectations were so high, beyond belief, that you were blinded of the fact that i DID GIVE YOU CREDIT! so you need to admit that. and if you refuse to do that much …..then TRUST ME Luvvie. I may not have the power to edit. but i do have the power to delete! YA! please don’t fuck with me. … TRUST ME!

lookin back** i noticed that you had instant notifications (to you) that I didn’t give you the credit you THOUGHT you deserved. but being that the 2nd video that WSHH grabbed had oblivious credit (from me to you) on their current Pt 2 video of the dumbest tweets. i have no doubt that this video gave you notification that I DID GIVE YOU THE CREDIT you assumed you should’ve had (in the first place) —and that being the fact that i had made sure that a clear, colorful text of your website appeared on the video features on WSHH!!

so my positive energy overrules your current presence. and that’s a fact! so as i stated in one of my previous emails (Karma is a bitch) and if you don’t renigg your past frustrations via twitter. then the future 300,000 hits (of this video of Dumbest Tweets Pt 2) will suddenly be hit by a tsunami (aka a rapid decline) that it will not, unfortunately reach that amount. NOT EVEN A FRACTION! TRUST AND BELIEVE!

ps. don’t underestimate my kindness….you do not want to do that …


***OH YA!! YOU HAVE 3 HOURS (sound familiar) an eye for an eye huh?! —-S/B if you don’t reply by 5pm TODAY EST and GIVE THE PUBLIC APOLOGY via TWITTER AND ——(make sure you read that)—— ANNNNNND your BLOG. I will have to make sure i cockblock your future promotion/plug tick tock. tick tock*****

Luvvie’s thought: I don’t even know what any of this means. How do you send me an email at MIDNIGHT, say I have 3 hours to respond, then give me a deadline of 5pm? I just… iCan’t.