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Instagram's New Terms of Service is a FAIL | Awesomely Luvvie

Instagram can SELL your pictures without compensating you. Even beyond the ads within Instagram, your pictures can be sold to companies for their use in whatever commercials and ads they feel like it.

Who should be most concerned here? Everyone, obviously, but the folks who stand out to me are photographers, celebrities and even bloggers.

Photographers make a living off the images they capture. If Instagram starts selling their pictures, they’re losing money by the droves. Instagram is basically making itself the new iStock Photo and those whose careers depend on being compensated for their images will be taken advantage of.

And then celebrities. Their images are worth more than the rest of ours because as public figures, they get compensated for just being them. If a celebrity’s picture is taken while they’re rocking a name brand or are in a certain store, can that brand or store then pay Instagram to use that celeb’s image for their ads? Probably.

For bloggers, I can see this coming to bite us in the yansh too. All those brands who always want to pay us in “exposure” will have a field day here. If we post pictures of us using their products, they might be willing to pay Instagram for them instead of us. We will be saltier than the Pacific.

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    Instagram can SELL your pictures without compensating you. Even beyond the ads within Instagram, your pictures can be...
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