My relationship with Olivia is going to spark a REAL dialogue of race in this country and it is going to blow the Republican party wide open and let some light and air into places that haven’t seen change in far too long. So the party will love her. And YOU wanna be on the right side of history here. Trust me you do.

If you don’t want to play along. If you leak Olivia’s name. If you refuse to go gently, well it only takes a few whispers of the word ‘racist’ for the feminist groups and the religious groups and even the Republican National Committee to turn up their noses at your stink. But I don’t want to do that, Mellie. I want to have you join me as a living, breathing monument to redemption and second chances in the America we all hope still exists.

Fitzgerald Grant’s EPIC READ of the century to Mellie on White Hats Back On. He read her like Microsoft Encarta ‘95. Like his name was Dr. Seuss and her life was Green Eggs and Ham.

The WHOLE READ is posted on my recap.